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Elaflex Tank + Pipe Fittings

LMD 32 Blue Band solvent hose

without helix


Ship engine room:
2 Yellow Band Expansion Joints mounted together for extra permissable movement

ZVA Slimline 2

PAL hose assemblies:

PCD 32 / RMC-SS, Butapal 32 / ACMX, Polypal Plus 50 / SFC 50 SS, Tecnopal 38 / MKX-SS, Pyropal 38 / MC38

UTL 50 universal chemical hose assembly with KSS anti-kinking-spiral

and DDC Dry Disconnect Coupling

Elaflon Plus PTFE 38

Filling of small containers for chemicals

Hose assemblies

with flanged coupling, Dry Disconnect Coupling, TW coupling

KR 50 - 21/2"

Filling of Heating Oil Tanks: New Adapter for difficult-to-reach house connectors

Nato RAS Replenishment at Sea, ship-to-ship

FHD and WS 63 hose assemblies

Oasis BV701 Ball Valve, with air torque actuator AT101, for CNG

Loading Brine (salt solutíon for winter service): CHS hose asssembly, DDC Dry Disconnect Coupling

ContiTech Production ERV

Calender, woven fabric

Cabinet of road tanker:

MK 80-32 TW coupler with bent lever, VB 80 P dust plug

DAC, Airport Depot

Dry Aircraft Coupling ISO 45 with HD-C hoses for bottom loading of aircraft refuellers at airport depot

ERV-R 150.16 ZS 2

Red Band Rubber Expansion Joint with "ZS" limiter (tie rods with outer limitation in rubber bushings)

MannTek FFVB 3" Ball Valve at tanker

Equipment truck for dangerous goods accidents

suitable hose assemblies and adapters from Elaflex, ELAFLEX_Information_2.17E.pdf

Saturated steam hose fitting SMS 19-3/4" SS/SS

completely of stainless steel, with self-securing bolts and nuts; possibility to attach stainless steel anti-kinking spirals KSS-SD

Elaflon Plus FEP 75, MK-A 80 SS

Loading and unloading of chemicals. TW coupling with active safeguard lever

ElaSil® Silicone hose assemblies

Nozzles with SIGHT GLASS

ZVA Slimline 2 with SG 1" Al, ZVA Slimline 2 GR with SG-COAX

DAC-V 65

Aircraft refueller , Dry Aircraft Coupling to ISO 45 for bottom loading; detail

SD / Pyropal 230 saturated steam hose

Bunker boat: HD hose assembly on reel, ZV 500 nozzle

ZVA Slimline 2 and ZVA Slimline 2 GR, Slimline hose assemblies

Petrol station, Indonesia

AMKC 50 Ms

'Camlock' brass steel coupler to EN 14420 - 7 with hose tail and Spannloc clamps


Rubber Expansion Joints - use in ship engine room

Camlock cam locking couplings

top left - Elaflex standard version;
bottom right - Elaflex EASYLOC version

GasGuard LPG nozzles

and LPG 16 orange hose assemblies for the filling of commercial and passenger Autogas vehicles as well as mobile and small stationary storage tanks with propane and butane.