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Connection road tanker to trailer: LTW hose assembly, DDC Dry Disconnect Coupling

Elaflon Plus FEP hose assembly, FFC-SS fixed hose flange

Unloading chemical road tanker

Solvapal hose assembly with DDC Dry Disconnect Couplings

L.P. Gas rail tanker

loading and unloading with DGC Dry Gas Couplings; Use of adapters with ACME thread

LPG Autogas dispenser

ZVG 2 ACME + ZVG 2 DISH nozzle, LPG 16 hose, ARK 19 Safety Break

Oasis Engineering Ltd, New Zealand (CNG refuelling products)


Ship loading with high aromatic content fuel > 50%

UTS 150 hose assembly


Automatic nozzle ZVA DN 19, of cast bronze ( GBZ ), for drinking alcohol, brandy etc. Flowrate up to 60 l / min.

Marine bunkering and cargo hoses

ship to shore cargo transfer

Rail tanker discharge coupling KWK, with elbow DN 80

for damaged / dirty rail tanker or other threaded hose connections. Used e.g. for environmental protection trucks


Cryogenic Breakaway Coupling for LNG with cable release:
after release

Sample Collection Unit

DDC-M 25 Dry Disconnect Couplings and HD hose assembly for sample collection of aircraft fuel

Construction site / on site refuelling:

ZVA 500 manual bulk nozzle, HD hose assembly, road tanker

SG 3" Rg

Sight Glass with 3" female/male BSP thread, gunmetal

Hose assembly for L.P. Gas

LPG 50, DGC-M 50 with special handle, adapter DGC 50 x 3 1/4" ACME

Elaflex Hamburg

Hose cutting

SG 1½" Al

Ssight glass for ZVA 32 nozzles, e.g. for aviation refuelling.

Adapter: DDC-M 80-3" and DAC-coupling (with pressure relief valve)

'Defence' varnish


Grinding oil

Elaflex refuelling equipment for CNG and LNG

MK 80-2" IG

TW female coupler, brass, with reduced female thread (special type)

MK 80 Ms

TW coupler of brass, to EN 144260-6 with 3" female BSP connection

Bunker boat: HD hose assembly on reel, ZV 500 nozzle

KWZ 3" Al

Rail tanker adapter with male thread connection, aluminium

ZVF 25 with EKG and GKG

Manual nozzle DN 25 for aircraft overwing refuelling, with ground cable assembly, dust cap assembly and AVGAS sticker (decal)

Elaflex Hamburg


Nozzle ZVG 2 ACME, hose assembly LPG 16 orange, nozzle boot NB-ZVG

Rubber Expansion Joint ERV-GS HNBR 80.16

YELLOW STEEL HNBR expansion joints for petroleum based products, DIN EN fuels up to 50 % aromatic content, cooling water with oily anticorrosion additives, lubrication and hydraulic oil, seawater. Very good aging, weathering and ozone resistance. Temperature range (depending on medium) - 35° C up to + 100° C, temporarily up to + 120° C. Fire resistant to ISO 15540 up 30 min. at + 800° C. Electrically dissipative.

ContiTech Production hose

Tank hose, removing mandrel

Construction site / on site refuelling:

ZVA 500 manual bulk nozzle