Section 2: Hose Fittings

Looking for Good Connections?

Above you can see some examples of our versatile range of fittings. We manufacture quality hose fittings that you can rely on. Standards-conforming, optimal compatibility with our hoses, and if required professionally assembled on your hose.

Our main strength lies in fittings for petroleum-based products and chemicals, main areas of use are in petrol stations, rail and road tankers, refuelling and transfer operations and in industrial plants. 

This is what you can expect from our hose couplings:

  • Good qualified advice from our sales departments
  • Excellent value for money
  • Many items available from stock
  • Safe by design concept, enables safe no fuss hose assembly
  • Permanent leak proof attachment
  • High operational safety
  • Durable brand quality
  • Ergonomic and practical design
  • Designed to meet official standards 

Assembling, Safe and Saving Money: Reusable Fittings.

Petrol, L.P.Gas, solvents, acids and all media that are dangerous or environmentally harmful demand a safe hose and hose fitting. At the same time hose fittings should be reusable with the possibility for a easy reassembly on site.


pinned clamps
(ID 25-100 mm)

bolted clamps
(ID 13-200 mm)
Ferrule Type
Hose Fittings

(ID 13-25 mm)

Direct Contact

For ferrule type dispenser hose couplings (forecourt) please contact the EHT sales team.

For all other types, please contact the
SAT sales team:

  • Ferrule type couplings for chemicals
  • Spannfix threaded hose couplings
  • Spannloc threaded hose couplings
  • Foodstuff threaded hose couplings
  • ACME hose couplings
  • Steam hose couplings
  • TW hose couplings
  • Camlok hose couplings
  • Pharma hose couplings
  • Storz/Guillemin/RNK hose couplings
  • Flanged hose couplings

Call-back service

You did not reach us? We call you back.

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