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ContiTech Production ERV

In production testing, rubberized fabric

ERV-R 150.16 ZS 2

Red Band Rubber Expansion Joint with "ZS" limiter (tie rods with outer limitation in rubber bushings)

Fuel delivery at the petrol station

LTW 75 fuel delivery hose, MKX 80 female TW coupler

Type PCS, Polypal Clean

PCS 25, PCS 63, PCS 100

oasis TH Tank Head Valves, CNG trailer

Slimline SF 19 black

Quality petrol pump hose for gasoline and diesel fuels. Special type 'sulphur-free'. Sulphur content of fuel does not increase, even if medium remains with the hose for a longer time, see Information 12. 15 and catalogue page 111c.

LBS 50 foodstuff hose, RMC 50 SS foodstuff fitting with Spannloc of stainless steel

Aseptic bulk filling

Elaflex hose assemblies

Hose fittings: threaded, flanged, quick couplings, Dry Disconnect Couplings

ZVA 32; HD-C

Automatic HIFLO nozzle and aviation hose; helicopter refuelling Bundeswehr

Elaflon Plus FEP hose assemblies:

Bulk filling of powders

Elapharm EPH 25 OHM-G with ASFB hose tail

ERV-G ... TW

Dispenser / hydrant inlet pipe

Fluorflex FXD universal hose assemblies

with inner corrugation for maximal flexibility.
Picture 1

ZVA Slimline 2 / ZVA Slimline 2 GR

Petrol station nozzles with (top) and without vapour recovery (below)

Elapharm EPH 25

ELAPHARM electrically isolating ' I ', blue cover. Corresponds to DIN 26055-3 / EN 16820, Type A. FDA conform. Homogeneous elastomer hose construction with smooth, white Teflon® PTFE liner.

Solvent filling with integrated vapour recovery in the nozzle

ZVA 25 GR, UTS hose assemblies

DAC-V 65

Aircraft refueller , Dry Aircraft Coupling to ISO 45 for bottom loading

Oasis ball valves for CNG in winter

Hot stamping process, production TW coupling parts

SG 1½" Al

Ssight glass for ZVA 32 nozzles, e.g. for aviation refuelling.

ZV 500 for chemials

Bulk filling of Methylene Chloride

Unloading petroleum products at the service station (road tanker to UST)

LG 3" hose assembly for gravity discharge, LTW 50 hose assembly for vapour balance

ZVA Slimline 2 DSA, Prepay Dispenser

DSA: Pressure Controlled Safety Shut-Off

Elaflex Hamburg

ERV inner protection sleeve/tube "SR"


ERV with vacuum support ring. Ring of AISI 316 Ti , used when the vacuum resistance of the chosen ERV is not sufficient.

Ship bunkering with LNG

Coupling of DCC male and female part DN 50; left hand side CBC 50 Cryogenic Breakaway Coupling

Elaflex refuelling equipment:

Quality is in the detail.

Polypal Clean hose assembly

Pharmaceutical production

Helicopter Refuelling Skid

HD-C hose assembly, ZVA 25 nozzle, SG1Al sight glass, hose reel made by Elaflex Italy

Aircraft refuelling: MannTek sampling unit in hydrant system