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Pipe with AVKI 50 SS, hose assembly with AVKX 50 SS, lever movement

'Camlock' stainless steel female and male coupling to EN 14420 - 7

HB hot bitumen hose - loading plant

MC 38-11/2" SS

Female hose coupling for hoses, stainless steel, with Spannloc clamps

ZVF 25 with EKG and GKG

Manual nozzle DN 25 for aircraft overwing refuelling, with ground cable assembly, dust cap assembly and AVGAS sticker (decal)

Oasis Fill Valves at CNG service station

Nozzle boot NB-ZVF 50

for ZVF 50 Oberflügel-Zapfventile

ZVA Slimline 2 and ZVA Slimline 2 GR, Slimline hose assemblies

Petrol station, Indonesia

UTD hose assemblies in Ex-zone

Elaflex Hamburg

Elaflex stock ERV

MK 100-90° SS

Special type with bent lever

RN 2 x 21/2" SS

Reducing nipple

ContiTech Production hose

handling coil / logistics

M 19-1" NR cr

Female ferrule hose coupling EN 14424, factory assembled, non-reattacheable. Slimline 19 SF hose Sulfur Free, black.

Underwing refuelling, HD-C hose assembly

ZH 50 nozzle with MK50SS + HD hose assembly, DDC-V 80 Ms with cap, MK 80 Ms with VB 80 P

FWS composite hoses / hose assemblies

Type FWS PP with female threaded fitting, Type FWS PTFE with stainless steel flange

Slimline quality dispensing hose for the forecourt

ERV-W 80.16 SS TA

White Band Rubber Expansion Joint with "TA" PTFE lining

Type PCS 38 (Polypal Clean DN 38 mm)


Hose coupling with female foodstuff thread and Spannloc clamps

Elaflex Hamburg

Hose assemblies, endoscope inspection hose

ContiTech Production ERV

In production testing, rubberized fabric

ZV 500, hand

High performance manual operated dispensing nozzle with 'TW' coupling MK 50 for Diesel, fuel, oils, petroleum

V-St 50 SSE

Male threaded hose tail for assembling with Spannfix or Spannloc. Material: stainless steel with universally resistant PFA coating (red)

Chemopal 50 mW

Chemopal chemical hose DN 50 with helix

Hose assemblies for petroleum based procucts

LTW 75, VX 80-3, MannTek DDC-M80-3Ms & TW 63, SFX 63 TW

Ship cargo loading with FWS-PP composite hoses

ROTEX 80.16 ZS 2

Tied Flanges – Type ZS, Tie rods with outer limitation in rubber bushings

Production MannTek, Sweden

RS 2 x 2 Ms

Reducer Female/Male