Tankstelle & Mittelstand 2017

Exhibition & Congress Centre, Münster.
10. - 11. May 2017

We will show innovative refuelling equipment for diesel, gasoline, LPG and AdBlue. With the new ZVA AdBlue LV nozzle and Slimline 16 AdBlue hose assemblies, Elaflex offers technically advanced equipment solutions which fit MPD (multi product dispenser) to enable clean and quick filling of Diesel and AdBlue® in a single transaction, without the need for cumbersome bottles.


FPS Show 2017

Liverpool Exhibition Centre
10. - 11. May 2017

We will be presenting lightweight exceptional long life reeling hoses for AdBlue, Heating oil, LPG, Aircraft refuelling, Chemicals and much more. We will be showing our range of ZVA Nozzles including the new ZVF 50 overwing nozzle, TW couplings and hose end fittings. Also on show are ERV rubber expansion joints and MannTek DDC,
Safety Break-away Couplings and Full Flow ball valves.


ERPEC 2017

Amsterdam Grand Hotel Krasnapolsky
31. May - 2. June 2017


At this leading International business forum ELAFLEX will be represented by Stefan Kunter and Anton Martiniussen and present innovative equipment and solutions for petrol stations.


AEGPL 2017

Lisbon Congress Centre
21. - 22. June 2017

Equipment for the transfer of LPG is subjected to high safety requirements. ELAFLEX supplies field-proven LPG products, e.g. Dry Gas Couplings DGC and safety break-away couplings SBC from our partner MannTek.


Expo Postos 2017

Sao Paulo Expo
15. - 17. August 2017
ELAFLEX Latin America

Elaflex Latin America is presenting refuelling equipment and safe connections for the transfer of dangerous goods and sensitive fluids.


Chimie Lyon

Eurexpo, Hall 4.1
20. - 21. September 2017

ELAFLEX France SARL and MannTek will be exhibiting our range of products and our solutions for safe and normed transfer of chemicals.


World LPG 2017

Marrakech, Marocco
Stand 109
3.  - 5. October 2017

ELAFLEX and our partner MannTek offer suitable refuelling equipment for the transfer of Liquefied Petroleum Gas like Butane, Propane and Autogas.

  • GasGuard and ZVG 2 nozzles for vehicle refuelling
  • LPG hoses and rubber expansion joints
  • Dry Gas Couplings DGC and safety break-away couplings SBC


Inter Airport 2017

Exhibition Centre Munich, Halle A6 / Stand 426
10. - 13. Oktober 2017

ZVF 50 is the next generation overwing nozzle: conform to JIG rules, shows its benefits in light weight, good handling, extremely low hold-open force, sensitive flow control and a variety of other sensible construction details and options. Also at our stand: Aircraft refuelling hoses, couplings, ERV expansion joints, Dry Aviation Couplings.


DVFG Tagung

8. - 9. November 2017

As part of this German LPG convention ELAFLEX will be showing Dry Gas Couplings DGC, break-away couplings
hoses and rubber expansion joints.


Tank Storage Germany 2017

Exhibition Centre Hamburg, Hall A2 / Stand A10
29. - 30. November 2017

ELAFLEX will show chemical, universal hoses and couplings for the loading and unloading of storage plants and ships. We are also presenting composite hoses from our
partner Dantec. MannTek Dry Disconnect Couplings (DDC) will be also shown in size 6''.


Lounges 2018

Cleanroom and Pharmaceutical Processes
DM Arena Karlsruhe,  Stand A 1.8
6. - 8. February 2018

ELAFLEX will show the product line ELAPHARM for the pharmaceutical and biotech industry. The homogeneous hose construction gives the ELAPHARM® in a good kink and vacuum resistance, and also serves durability and flexibility.

ELAPHARM is available with different and crimped couplings. We recommend hose assemblies with crimping 'free of dead spaces / beaded' and 'gap minimised'.


UNITI Expo 2018

Exhibition Centre Stuttgart
15. - 17. May 2018

The European convention for the retail petroleum sector, UNITI expo, will be held in Stuttgart for the second time.

ELAFLEX as a refuelling and hose assembly specialist will show products from refinery to petrol station.


Achema 2018

Exhibition Centre Frankfurt, Hall 8.0 / Stand L93
11. - 15. June 2018

At Achema 2018 ELAFLEX we will present new hose and couplings equipment for fluids and different operation conditions - at the usual spot.


PetroTrans 2018

Halls 1 + 2, Stand H2-D03, Kassel
4. - 6. October 2018

We offer tank truck hoses with corresponding couplings to system suppliers,
tanker manufacturers and petrol forecourt construction companies. 

  • Tank truck hoses for petroleum based products and fuel oil
  • Universal tank hoses and hot bitumen hoses
  • LPG hose assemblies
  • TW couplings
  • TW Couplings with Isolation for QSS and ASS Systems
  • Dry Disconnect Couplings DDC from MannTek
  • Nozzle for the refuelling of AdBlue (DEF)